Generative AI and Large Language Models are challenging

Need help making Data, Gen AI & LLMs work for you?

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ChatGPT, Mistral, Zephyr, Claude, Cohere - you name it. Regardless if you're going for proprietary LLMs or fine tuning your own.

I'll help you make sure they work for you.

I can help you with any of the topics and frameworks below:

  • Software Engineering, MLOps and LLMOps

    Python - PyTorch - FastAPI - Hugging Face - Unit Testing - MLflow - Weights & Biases - Github Actions

  • Data Engineering

    Databricks - Apache Spark - PySpark - Apache Kafka - Apache Airflow

  • Prompt Engineering

    Langchain - LlamaIndex - Zero Shot Learning - Few Shot Learning - Chain of Thought - Active Prompting - ReAct

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation

    Weaviate - Pinecone - Milvus - FAISS - Vespa - Qdrant

  • Fine Tuning

    Multi-GPU Training - Distributed Training - Deepspeed - LoRA & QLoRA - PEFT - Horovod - Petastorm - Ray

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

    Azure - AWS - Kubernetes - Docker - Helm Charts - Terraform

  • LLM Optimization

    vLLM - CTranslate2 - Knowlege Distillation - 8 bits quantization

Making Generative AI work for your business

👋Hi! I'm Rafael. I have helped many companies understand, fine tune and deploy their Large Language Models and Gen AI applications following Software Engineering, MLOps and LLMOps best practices.

My biggest learning during this journey was that companies face both technical and business challenges when trying to leverage Generative AI and Large Language Models.

This was my biggest motivation for starting weet.ai: helping companies navigate this complex landscape and unlock unique use cases powered by Generative AI.

About me

My background combines:

  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data & AI Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Solution Architecture

  • This allows me to quickly architect & ideate Generative AI solutions from top to bottom, while also implementing, testing and following MLOps & LLMOps best practices. This way, I can guarantee your investments don't go down the drain.


    Throughout the years, I have collaborated with multiple companies - from Fortune 500 to startups - Databricks, O'Reilly Publishing, ING Bank, ABN Amro, Ahold Delhaize, Vattenfall and HSBC among them.

    ING Bank
    ABN Amro Bank